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The menu system utilized to access the books can be difficult to understand.  It could have been simpler in design, if only the various books themselves had fallen into one larger overriding category.  Such, however, is not the case.  This site will eventually house books covering those states for which there have been district histories and other more generalized books.

In the case of the various district histories there are many states that are split into three, or more, districts.  Pennsylvania has four districts: Eastern, Middle, Southern and Western.  And, each district may have more than one published history; such as the 1920 and 1955 histories for the Southern District of Ohio.  Thus there will be under the District menu link (when it is created) a link for Ohio > Southern District > 1920 as well as a 1955 menu item.  The menus will be logical in nature so that should be fairly easy to follow.

Such may not be the case for other Brethren historical works.  For instance, as of this writing there are two books online, The Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Brethren — 1778 - 1917 and Some Who Led — Or — Fathers in the Church of the Brethren Who Have Passed Over.  One book is a biographical work while the other is non-biographical in nature.  Thus under the General menu link there will be a sub-menu item for each, Biographical and Non-biographical.

The only other envisioned menu item is one entitled "Congregational," or named something alike it, for the various and numerous congregations for which there are published histories.

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  • The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 387

    The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

    The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 387 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 387

    On December 26th, in the afternoon, we left. We crossed the "Eschel" [Ashley] River six miles from "Charlestown," passing over a large bridge. We then lodged with an Englishman, who knew Bro. Spangenberg and the brethren in Georgia, having been especially impressed by their singing. On December 27th, we traveled thirty-five miles, crossing on the way the "Panpan [Ponpon]," "Eschelboo" [Ashepoo] and "Comby" [Combahee] rivers. The tavern in which we lodged was very noisy, because three servants, who had run away from Georgia, were captured there. On the 28th, at noon, we came to the "Cussahetschy " [Coosawhatschie] River.* We were very tired on account of the great heat, When we heard that we would not find a house for twelve miles, but only water, we stayed there and rested. On Sunday, the 29th, we passed for the first twelve miles continuously through water, one foot deep, but we reached " Purisburg" [Purysburg].† We visited Melchior Lichtensteger and handed to him the letter of Abr. Bininger. He received us willingly. We stayed with him over night. On December 30th, we visited, early in the morning, Mr. Ehrhard. He was very glad when I told him that I belonged to the Brethren. He regretted very much that the Brethren had left "Purisburg."‡ He accompanied me into the town, and when I took leave his little daughter, ten years old, cried very much. When the father asked her why she cried, she said * This must be the Broad River in Beaufort county, S. C., at which the town Coosawhatschie is now situated. † Purysburg was laid out in 1732 by John Peter Pury, from Switzerland. It was situated on the left bank of Savannah river, twenty miles from the city Savannah. Most of the original settlers were Swiss. Their first pastor was Joseph Bugnion, who, during his stay in England, received Episcopal ordination. See The Reformed Church in Pennsylvania, by Rev. Dr. Dubbs, p. 30. ‡ The stay of the Moravians in Purysburg had not been of long duration. Rev. Peter Boehler and George Schulius removed from Savannah to Purysburg in February, 1739. But Schulius succumbed to the climate and died of fever, August 4, 1739. Towards fall, Peter Boehier left Purysburg and returned to Savannah. See Early History of the Moravians, p. 76, f.

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  • Ohio Archæological and Historical Society Publications, Volume XX [1911], Back cover (inside)

    Ohio Archæological and Historical Society
    Publications, Volume XX

    Ohio Archæological and Historical Society Publications, Volume XX [1911], Back cover (inside) [Click for larger image]Back cover (inside)

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  • The History… of the Potsdam Congregation, Page 8

    The History of the Potsdam Congregation
    of the Church of the Brethren

    Page 8— The History… of the Potsdam Congregation [Click for larger image] title=Page 8

    years, the school was held on Sunday afternoons. In the early 1940’s Evelyn [Spitler] Honeyman assisted by Ruby [Minnich] Ingle created the Junior Sunday School. Deacons Those known prior to the 1923 organization: Benjamin & Magdalena [Welbaum] Longanecker Adam & Hester [Haines] Pfeiffer, 1888 Granville W. & Malinda [Hershey] Minnich, 1894 Joseph & Mary [Ditmer] Ruble, 1901 John & Mary [Ganger] Heckman, 1914 Perry & Satia [Flowers] Hoke A. J. & Arra [Norris] Johnston Boyd & Mina [Thompson] Miller And after: Foster Myers, 1925 Noah & Georgia [Carson] Shanck, 1925 Arthur & Treva [Hoke] Brumbaugh, 1927 Harry & Blanche [Oda] Delk, 1927 Calvin & Edna [Shanck] Minnich, 1927 Elmer & Lola [Ditmer] Heck, 1939 Harris & Esther [Rinehart] Shanck, 1939 Harold & Mary [Flory] Spitler, 1943 Emerson & Thelma [Huff] Ditmer, 1946 Dale & Maxine [Brehm] Fasnacht, 1946 Robert L. & Dorothy [Myers] Honeyman, 1946 Franklin & Pauline [Ganger] Baker, 1950 Lester & Esther [Baker] Hall, 1950 Harry & Naomi [Robbins] Hutcheson, 1950 Alva & Naomi [Heisey] Petry, 1950 Robert & Janet [Myers] Delk, 1957 Gerald & Velma [Byers] Heck, 1957 Bernie & Alice [Ditmer] Cassell, 1969 John & Betty [Rowan] Hutcheson, 1969 Donovan & Jean [Myers] Besecker, 1983 Don & Arlene [Brumbaugh] Evans, 1983 Duane & Joyce [Myers] Weikert, 1983 Dewayne & Donna [Hollinger] Heck, 1991 Gene & Judy [Anthony] Miller, 1991 Gary & Brenda [Cassell] Shiverdecker, 1991 Ray & Sharon [Bright] Fellows, 1995 Robert & Kathy [Werts] Stringer, 1995 Marvin & Mary [Freeman] Weikert, 1995

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