Claar Congregation of Blair County, Pennsylvania

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The only congregation near to Queen, Pennsylvania, the Claar congregation has for many years been two meeting-houses, the Upper and the Lower.  The Upper Claar house congregation dates from the early 1850's while the newer Lower Claar meeting-house dates from 1890.  The congregation dates from the late 1700's though the official date of organization was on September 25, 1886 when it was set aside from the Yellow Creek congregation of Morrison's Cove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

The files as represent herein are from a re-typeset edition published in 2005 that contains, in addition to the original material, a section containing biographies from A History of the Church of the Brethren in the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the inclusion of an extensive index.  Of the original five books printed, only two remain available for purchase.  And one shall remain forever unsold in the author's possession.

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A. Wayne Webb

A long time historian of the German Baptist Brethren church, and its more modern derivative bodies, Mr. Webb has moved on to become a recognized authority in digitally archiving manuscripts, both published works as well as singular documents.  He served as the Editor of Brethren Roots, 2002 to 2008, as published by The Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists.  To that end he has created and maintains a series of Internet web sites devoted to his passion, German Baptist Brethren history.

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