Photograph of Eld. Samuel Murray [Click for larger image]Samuel Murray

April 1, 1806—March 31, 1906.

Born in a log cabin in Huntingdon County, Pa.  Son of John Murray and wife, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Wellbaum.   In his childhood the wolf, panther and bear menaced the family more or less.  When six, the family traveling by wagon to Pittsburgh, and then down the Ohio in boat, made its way to a settlement about nine miles west of Dayton.  Here forty acres of timber land were bought for $60, a log cabin erected, and the father went out to work at day’s labor to make a living.  When Samuel was twelve the father died, leaving in great poverty the widowed mother with a large family of children.  The older son leaving home to do for himself, the responsibility of helping mother care for the little ones fell upon Samuel.  He remained faithful to his charge until twenty–one, when he started out for himself also.  Taking up the trade of carpentry and mill-wright he hired the first year at $5 per month, the second at $10 and the third at $15, with the privilege of going to school three months of each year.  Thus in six years he enjoyed eighteen months’ schooling.

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