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A Short Autobiography of Elder Samuel Murray: A Few Incidence and Facts of My First Work in the Ministry in Indiana. Also a Few Facts of My More General Work in the Ministry.

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Autobiography of Elder Samuel Muray. At the request of many friends, and for the benefit of future generations of our family, I write these few facts concerning my life and my ancestors. Our family stock is Scotch-irish; My grandfather, Daniel Murray, came to this country as a British soldier during the Revolutionary war. At some time during that war he escaped from the British service and joined the American army. At the close of the war he settled in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. He had four sons and one daughter. The daughter, Catharine (or aunt Katie as I knew her,) married a man by the name of Taylor. They had one son and one daughter. The union proved unfortunate, for they separated; aunt Katie and her husband lived for some time with my mother in Ohio. The daughter married Daniel Martin. The son also came from Penn. to Ohio, married and lived in the northern part of the state. I remember him because of a very remarkable occurrance, that of a quadruple birth by his wife. She gave birth to four well developed children three of which lived. Grandfather lived to be quite old and for some time lived with my mother. He used to knit stockings for sale; he died a poor man. He probably made no profession of religion. I remember of hearing him at one time when he was quite old and childish, repeat that child’s prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep.” He never tired of telling about the feats of physical strength and valor that he had performed. He was tall and evidently a very powerful man at his best. His four sons, were John, David, Thom­as, and Daniel. Uncle David, lived in Huntingdon Co. Pa., and had a large family of children. I remember the names of only two of his sons, Daniel, and Jacob, nearly the age of myself and my brother David. The last word we had from them

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