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Some Who Led — Or — Fathers in
the Church of the Brethren Who Have Passed Over

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PREFACE For a quarter of a century the senior author has been collecting photographs of the ministers of the Church of the Brethren with the hope that some day they might be of use. From Brother George W. Lentz, of Kansas City, Mo., came the suggestion of the use now made of some of them in these pages. No attempt has been made to give lengthy details of the lives herewith presented to our readers. That task is left to others, who will here find the main facts in the lives of the fathers. It is the hope of the authors that this series of short biographies will be helpful to those who read, in provoking them to good work. The plea of human limitation is entered. We have written of the good that men have accomplished in the world, and have had in mind things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report, with virtue and praise. All men have their weaknesses. Human perfection is not absolute. The only Man who ever lived in this world and never made a mistake and was without sin was our Lord Jesus Christ. We can only approximate the Perfect Ideal. The work has been a labor of love fom the beginning, and has been lightened by the helpful suggestion, the ample encouragement and the valuable assistance given us freely and cheerfully in collecting data for the work. Without such aid the book would have been an impossibility. To our brethren and sisters who assisted us we express our indebtedness and hearty thanks. Credit so far as possible has been given in the book to those who so kindly assisted in sending data and facts concerning those of whom we have written. We have also found information in old and almost forgotten almanacs, in the issues of our church newspapers, in the Minutes of Annual Conferences, in the histories of our church by Brethren Brumbaugh and Falkenstein, in the his-

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