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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 373

Written by  A. Wayne Webb
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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 373 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 373

lodged in an English tavern. Here the people complained very much, because they had no better preacher than the one ministering to them at present. On account of his disorderly life he he has no influence among the people. At this place I handed to the landlady the Swedish catechisms,* which Bro. Bryzeliust† of Philadelphia, gave me for his countrymen, who live three miles from here. On the 19th, we went to Roger Turner, who married the sister of Bro. Evans, and lives ten miles from here. They were very glad to see us. They urged me to give them a sermon, but my deficiency in the English language prevented me from doing it. We stayed with them a day and a night. When we departed they asked us very urgently to come again. I was here requested to baptize the child of an Englishman, nine months old, but I refused. On the 20th we continued our journey. Roger Turner accompanied us part of the way and showed us the right road. They gave us some Indian corn bread and cheese for the journey, although they were poor. At sunset we came to a German innkeeper, Jost Hayd,† a rich man, well known in this region. it seems to follow that he still occupied, in 1743, his first place of settlement on the Opequon, where the road passes the creek at Bartonsville. In 1748, he had removed to the Cedar Creek. See this magazine, Vol. XI, p. 228. * This Swedish catechism was a translation of the English catechism, mentioned before. It was translated into Swedish by Olaf Malander. See John Bechtel; His Contributions to Literature and His Descendants. By John W. Jordan. Philadeiphia, 1895. It is commonly thought that this catechism was actually composed by John Bechtel. But this view is erroneous. In the Bethlehem Diary we find the following entry, under date July 1, 1742: 'Bro Andrew Eschenbach and Gottlieb Buettner read from the Catechisnm for the Reformed congregations, which was written by Bro. Ludwig [Zinzendorf] and edited by Bro. John Bechtel." This statement settles definitely the authorship of the book. In fact, the title does not claim more than that Bechtel was the editor. ‡ "Paul Daniel Pryzelius" was ordained by the Moravians in 1743. He labored among the Swedes in West Jersey. See Register of the Moravians, p. 50. ‡ Just Hite, who was mentioned by Rev. Mr. Gottschalk in his Re-port and Observations, published in the January number, 1904, of this

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