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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 389

Written by  A. Wayne Webb
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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 389 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 4 (Apr., 1904), page 389

Mr. Bolzius. In it many lies were told about our Brethren and many wicked things were falsely reported about them. This letter, covering two sheets, was read by Bolzius to the people one afternoon, instead of a sermon, after having administered the holy communion in the forenoon. This has stirred up the people against us. On the 2nd, I visited Mr. Ade, a shoemaker, and later Michael Schweizer, to whom I delivered a letter from Bro. Hagen. In the evening Bro. Brownfield, together with Henry Beck* and John Bay, had their usual meeting, to which they also invited Bro. Hussey and myself. On the 3rd and 4th, I visited a number of people. On the 5th, being Christmas (i. e., December 25th, old style), I preached a German sermon in Savannah, in the house of the Brethren. A number of people came together, when they heard that a strange minister was there. In the afternoon but very few came. After the services a man spoke to me, who at one time intended to stab Bro. Hagen. His name is Bellico. But he is now converted and he requested me in his name to ask Bro. Hagen's forgiveness. On the 6th, as on Monday after Christmas, I preached to the Germans at the "White Ploff." I also visited an awakened man and friend, Berger. He asked me to visit him frequently, which I did. As a result he was deposed from his office as elder of the Reformed congregation, because, as the people said, he had fallen away from his religion. On the 7th, I returned again to Savannah, where I visited several Germans, among others Mr. Astherr. On the 12th, I preached in Savannah in the forenoon, and in settled at Ebenezer, twenty-four miles from Savannah. Other colonists followed soon afterwards. See P. A. Strobel, The Salzburgers and their Descendants. Baltim re, 1855. * Brownfield and Beck were among the first adherents of the Moravians in Savannah. Brownfield had come to Georgia from England in February, 1737, with General Oglethorpe. Beck had arrived in 1738, and was for a time a member of the "Whitefield Economy." Both left Georgia in 1745 and settled in Bethlehem. Both were later ordained deacons and died at Bethlehem. See Register of Moravians, pp. 73 f. and 77.

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