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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 1 (Jul., 1904), page 60

Written by  A. Wayne Webb
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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 1 (Jul., 1904), page 60 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 1 (Jul., 1904), page 60

compelled us to rest on the road for a while. We took our dinner with an Englishman. In the evening we came to a German. When he heard that we were from Bethlehem and I a preacher, he asked us for our own sakes to return to Pennsylvania at once, as a notice13 had been posted on the courthouse that all preachers should be arrested who traveled without a passport from England. July 23rd. We went to William Frey's brother, distant four miles, but we needed four hours, as we lost the way. When we came to Benjamin Frey, at the Cedar Creek, and they heard that we were from Bethlehem, they received us very gladly and nursed the sick Leonard very well. May the Lord reward then. July 24th. To-day I went to an elder14 living at the Schanathor [Shenandoah] River. I asked him if I could preach in his church. But he hesitated because I was a stranger, and an injunction had been issued agaiinst strange ministers. But he would allow me to preach in his house, which I accepted, and then he made it known. I went back to Cedar Creek to my dear Handrup. July 25th. The Lord blessed our medicine and Leonhard became well again. We passed the Sabbath quietly. July 26th. Sunday. I preached on the gospel,15 the Lord 13 This refers to the Governor's proclamation, given in connection with Gottschalk's report of 1748. See Virginia Magazine, Vol. XI, p. 228, note ‡. 14 This elder at the Shenandoah River must have been George Daehlinger. Gottschalk refers to this visit of Schnell in 1748. See Virginia Magazine, Vol. XI, p. 228, and his diary in the present number, under date April 3, 1748. Schnell himself refers to his former visit on Decenmber 7, 1749. See Virginia Mfagazine, Vol. XI, p. 128. A congregation, called Shenandoah, is mentioned in Schlatter's Journal, p. 204: "The charge in Virginia consists of Shenandoah, Missanotti, South Branch and New Germantown." The same name also occurs several times in the records of the Reformed Church. See Minutes and Letters of the Coetus of Pennsylvania, 1747-1792, pp. 37 and 250. George Daehlinger was probably related to John Dallinger, who lived within two miles of Strasburg and was killed by the Indians in 1764. Kercheval, History of the Valley, ed. 1833, p. 133. 15 In his Special Report, Schniell adds the following: "At the 'Chanetor' [Shenandoah] River I preached, but with great difficulty, as if all

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