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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 1 (Jul., 1904), page 77

Written by  A. Wayne Webb
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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 1 (Jul., 1904), page 77 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 1 (Jul., 1904), page 77

State of Virginia: In Orange County Court, February 24, 1742. Courtney Broyle, Tobias Willhite, Jacob Manspile, John Willhite and Jacob Miller, German protestants, having produced under the hand of the Revd. John Thompson, Minister of St. Mark's Parish, and George Samuel Klugg, Minister of the German congregation, that within two months last past they had received the sacrament of ye Lord's Supper, prayed that, according to an act made in the XIIIth year of our Sovereign Lord, George the Second, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, defender of ye faith, &c., intituled an act for naturalizing such foreign protestants and others therein mentioned as are or shall settle in any of his Maties [sic] coloniies in America, they might partake of ye beniefit of that act; It is on their motions, ordered that they take the oaths prescribed by act of parliament to be taken instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, & the abjuration oatl, & subscribe the test, which they all severally did in open court between the hours of nine and twelve in the forenioon. And it is further ordered that ye Clerk give thenm a certificate of their having taken the said oaths & subscribed the test. A Copy. Teste, P. H. FRY, Clerk. April 21, 1904.] THE PLACES IN MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA WHERE OUR BRETHREN HAVE AN OPEN DOOR.36 In Canawage is the house of Caspar Schmidt, who lives about thirteen miles fromn Mr. Pinkley. Here is our pulpit. The ser- 36 This report has no name and date, but internal evidence proves that it was written by Gottschalk in 1748. First, the reference to the two sermons at Haeger's agrees with Gottschalk's diary under date March 13th. Secondly, the signing of the passport by Captain Prathor is nmentioned both in this report and Gottschalk's diary, under date March iith. The same is true of Prathor's entrusting his horse to this missionary. Thirdly, both documents refer in similar terms to Oliver Craemer. This proves their idenitity of authorship, while the reference to Bishop Spangenberg's trip as still future, shows that it was written before July, 1748.

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