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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 3 (Jan., 1905), page 313

Written by  A. Wayne Webb
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The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 3 (Jan., 1905), page 313 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 3 (Jan., 1905), page 313

HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL NOTES AND QUERIES. THE DUNKERS AND THE SIEBEN-TAEGER. (Communicated) In Volume Xl, page 125, of the Virgitlia Magazine of History and Biography, the following passage appears as a translation from a Moravian diary of 1749; "We were only a few miles from the Seventh Day Baptists [Dunkers] who live here at the New River. But we had enough of the description which the people gave of them." The editor of the translation makes the mistake here of identifying the Seventh Day Baptists with the Dunkers. In the next issue of the magazine, however, he amends the passage, saying: "It ought to read: 'We were only a few miles from the Sabbatarians' [Sieben-taeger). instead of Seventh Day Baptists."—Va. Hist. Mag., Vol. Xl, page 234, note. In the same place he also shows that the community at New river were members of the Ephrata Society. etc. In the last issue of this magazine. Vol. XII, No.2, on page 147, it is said of two Sabbatarians who were found several miles southwest of Staunton by the Moravian brethren on October 25. 1753: "These Sabbatarians were evidently members of the Ephrata colony at the New River." These notes, from which I have quoted make it pretty clear that the New river Sabbatarians, otherwise Sieben-taeger, belonged to the Pennsylvania sect known as the Ephrata Society; but whether the Dunkers were Seventh Day Baptists, or not, is still left in more or less obscurity. The confusion as to the real character of the Dunkers, is "worse confounded" in the quotation from Dr. Thomas Walker, given in connection with the citation I have made last above. Dr. Walker writes: "He [English) has a mill which is the furthest back except one lately built by the sect of people who call themselves the Brotherhood of Euphrates [Ephrata] and are commonly called Dunkards, who are the upper inhabitants on the New River. * * The Dunkards are an odd people who make it a matter of Religion not to shave their Beards, Iy on Beds, or eat Flesh. * * The unmarried have no private Property, but live on a common Stock. They don't baptize either young or old, they keep their Sabbath on Saturday, and hold that all men shall be

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