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Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Brethren: 1778 - 1917

Page 1: Preface to First Edition — Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Brethren [Click for larger image]Page 1: Preface to First Edition

PREFACE. A number of our younger brethren having a desire to have the counsels of the older brethren, as given at our Annual Meetings, as a help to them in forming a correct judgment upon things upon which it is desirable they should have correct and uniform views, and to know what has been the order of the church in regard to such things, requested the Annual Meeting to have the minutes collected and published. Th e request was granted, and the undersigned were appointed a committee to carry out the wish of the Annual Meeting. We have used our best endeavors to collect all the minutes of our Annual Meeting that we possibly could collect, and now publish them in response to the request of the church. We have thought it best to publish the mInutes of each year separately, and to gIve the names of the brethren, as far as we could do so, who nave taken an active part in the labors of our Annual Meetings-thinking it would be satisfactory to the brethren to have this knowledge. The work is now sent out with a prayerful desire that it may prove a blessing, and a means of edification to our brotherhood. H. D. DAVY. J. QUINTER

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