History – Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana, page 6

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Thirty-One Years of Organized Work in Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana by
Church of the Brethren from 1891 to 1922

page 6 — History: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana [Click for larger image] title=page 6

lowship with His children, our brothers; the fantastic kind in which a fanatical leader has his people under such a spell that they will believe and do whatever his (or her) overzealous mind and soul suggests. If he says help the poor, they do it without question; if he says, stand on your head or fall on the floor and roll around or beat your head into insensibility, they try to do it as near as they can according to his plan. For some the church is everything, in everything, for everything and by everything. For others the church doesn't mean anything. As one man expressed it, "I used to be a member of the church but I have been converted out of it." They claim not to believe in any organization whatever. They have no church houses because they don't believe in such while some do not have church houses from lack of funds. For some the physicians are fakirs and they depend upon the Lord for their healing. They believe in the Lord 's healinlg power so strongly that some have neglected the necessary sense things so much that children have suffered untold agonies while their friends (?) knelt in prayer for them to be saved. In many places laws have been enacted and enforced making such fanatical practices a crime. A boy whose arm was broken was neglected until neighbors took him to Enid and cared for him after his arm was almost past setting. A child in Eastern Oklahoma would cry and go on till it could be heard in the road by passersby and parents and friends only tried to pray louder. A child near May, Oklahoma, having sores on the body so many and severe that the clothes had to be pulled loose each time

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