History – Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana, page 8

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Thirty-One Years of Organized Work in Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana by
Church of the Brethren from 1891 to 1922

page 8 — History: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana [Click for larger image] title=page 8

Another phase of the church work in these states, is the prcatice of the ordinances by different individuals and how they are viewed by others. Some ordinances that were properly observed were viewed with interest and many were much benefitted and some of the spectators later were partIcipants. One young man who took his Testament and followed the ordinance of feet-washing, remarked, "It is there, that way." Later he was among the participants. One man said to me one day. When I used to live in Indiana I would attend your "Barbecues." (Referring to those communion occasions where we had two or three days meeting and furnished meals to all who came). Another place in the observance of the salutation, we were very closely watched and I learned of another body of religious enthusiasts who tried to observe that ordinance without regard to sex. That sort of observance caused troubles between husband and wife and in a few instances homes were broken up. They were called the "Kissing Bugs." Our observance of the ordinance was with some difficulty in that community. The ordinance of baptism is variously viewed and practiced. In a certain community where we had preached baptism as hard as we could, one friend who was not yet initiated into church fellowship, decided that the three dips were all right but he wanted it backward and his minister did it for him. These people who act as tho they could live above sin are closely watched and sometimes found to be like other well-meaning mortals. Sometimes they have been severely tested and didn't stand the test.

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