History – Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana, page 12

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Thirty-One Years of Organized Work in Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana by
Church of the Brethren from 1891 to 1922

page 12 — History: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana [Click for larger image] title=page 12

24,000 pages of papers. If mistakes occur in the write ups, I am willing to take my share of the blame, though it was not intentional on my part nor on the correspondent's part. We have tried to get some pictures of the earliest workers and have not succeeded in every case. We would like to have put more pictures in but the added cost forbids it. Costs come very high and many of them makes the cost run up to more than our people are willing to pay. If I missed asking any of our old time workers for a picture, I beg your pardon, I didn't aim to. If I asked and didn't get it I hope the rest of you will not blame me for not doing my duty. As you will see, in connection with our Quotations, we have quoted and also appropriated largely from the History of Texas by Mrs. Pennypacker and from Roberts' History of Oklahoma. Mrs. Pennypacker and Benj. H. Sanborne and Company freely granted us the privilege. The pages will be noted where it is possible and in consulting those histories you will find much more valuable informatoin if you are interested in those states. Thanks to all those who have assisted us and made it possible for us to get these data together. We pray that its pages will inspire others to more earnest efforts in the Lord's work in home field as well as to push out into the needy frontier. It will be difficult but so are men made strong. Oct. 21, 1922. J. H. Morris.

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