The History… of the Potsdam Congregation, Page 5

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The History of the Potsdam Congregation
of the Church of the Brethren

Page 5— The History… of the Potsdam Congregation [Click for larger image] title=Page 5

Carrie [Hoke] Minnich 1897-1967 Cletus Minnich 1900-1985 Harold Minnich 1896-1957 Lelah [Ganger] LandisMinnich 1908-1998 Chester Myers 1903-1979 Foster Myers 1903-1989 Grace [Westfall] MyersMyers 1879-1954 Lester Myers 1900-1970 Lewis Myers 1879-1968 Miriam [Eikenberry] Myers 1906-1990 Ocey [Westfall] Myers 1883-1954 Osa Myers 1906-1953 Robert E. Myers 1909-1984 Webster Myers 1877-1927 Christina [Koons] Nease 1879-1966 Charles Norris 1911-1994 Cora Norris 1897-1979 John Norris c1910- Rosella [Dohner] Norris 1858-1932 Lucille [Henderson] O’Neill 1907 Amanda [Swank] Oswalt 1870-1926 Mina [Dickey] Overholser 1905- 1971 Forest Puterbaugh 1903-1978 Harold Puterbaugh 1899-1995 Marie [Besecker] Puterbaugh 1900-1971 Ralph Puterbaugh 1897-1900 Vesta [Folkerth] Puterbaugh 1903-1998 Betty [Sease] Ritchison 1881-1972 Oliver Ritchison 1872/3-1964 Bessie [Miller] Royer 1904-2003 Lucille [Shank] Sanger John Schenk 1872-1952 Martha [Arnett] Schenk 1872-1949 Treva Schenk 1901-1952 Bessie [Holbert] Sease 1879-1924 David H. Sease 1877-1960 George Sease 1852-1935 Orin Shaffer 1892-1987 Velma [Hall] Shaffer 1899-1984 Elmer Shank 1885-1974 Lucille [Ganger] ForsteShank 1913-1991 Minerva [Jordan] CunninghamShank 1892-1983 Georgia [Carson] Shanck 1886-1938 Harris Shanck 1911-2004 Jennie [Klepinger] Shanck 1890-1959 Jesse Shanck 1888-1968 Lucy Shanck 1894-1975 Noah Shanck 1886-1935 Sally [Isenbarger] Shanck 1853-1939 Velma [Heisey] Shearer 1905-1960 Lova [Heisey] Shuttleworth 1912-1991 Mary [Hall] Smith 1906-2002 Harvey Sotzing 1893-1973 Ruth [Harshbarger] Sotzing 1894-1960 Cora [Johnston] Spitler 1880-1935 Nora [Ditmer] Spitler 1902-1987 Cora [Bare] Strawser 1881-1948 Lola [Miller] Ward 1910-1936 Mary [Duncan]Weisenbarger 1864-1935 Ruth [Heisey] Wissinger 1910-1990 It has been said that there were 170 charter members. If correct, six of the names were not recorded in the church registry. Two are known at this time to be living, Lucille [Henderson] O’Neill and Franklin Baker, residents of the Brethren’s Home in Greenville. “Georgetown.—We held our first love feast Oct. 11, which was very spiritual and largely attended. Eld. Newton Binkley officiated. Oct. 17 Bro. D.R. Murray of Ft. McKinley, Ohio, began a series of meetings which closed Nov. 7. Seventeen were received into the church by baptism; one baptized previously. The attendance was very good all through the meetings and on Sunday evening

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