The History… of the Potsdam Congregation, Page 11

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The History of the Potsdam Congregation
of the Church of the Brethren

Page 11— The History… of the Potsdam Congregation [Click for larger image] title=Page 11

Church of the Brethren in Chicago IL. Known as Parson Myers, his pastoral duties centered on the Bethel and Kearney congregations in Nebraska. He gave $300,000.00 to Bethany to help establish a chair in memory of Professor Warren W. Slabaugh. Ted Wiant was licensed in 1966, but did not fulfill the call. Burton Wolf, pastor of the West Charleston Church of the Brethren and our current moderator was licensed in 1978. Jerry Collins, pastor of the Ludlow Falls Christian Church was licensed in 1986. Dwayne Heck, pastor of the White Cottage Church of the Brethren was licensed in 1997 and is to be there ordained August 22, 2004. The Brethren’s Home In 1895 Adam Minnich, a member here at Georgetown and Jesse Stutsman were appointed to a committee to establish an “Old Folks and Orphans Home”. Adam Minnich and Adam Pfeiffer served on the first Trustees Board. Final plans were approved by a special district meeting in Feb 1902, when Joseph Longanecker, a former member at Georgetown, was appointed the solicitor. Within a month, it was officially named The Brethren’s Home. Joseph Longanecker also served on the locating committee which in the end chose Greenville. The dedication of the facilities old Peoples Building and the Childrens Building was held September 3, 1903. The first to be admitted were Brother Henry and his third wife Sister Rebecca [Kinzie-Pfoutz-Shearer] Jones from the Salem congregation. He was elected to the ministry in 1852 at Painter Creek and occasionally filled the call to preach to the Georgetown congregation. The Georgetown-Potsdam Church of the Brethren was once the home congregation to the following Superintendents and Matrons of the Brethren’s Home: Granville W. & his third wife Sarah [Shellabarger] Neher Minnich 1909-1915 and 1917-1919, Phares D. & Fanny [Christian] Fourman 1937-1946 and 1949-1953, and Robert L. & Dorothy [Myers] Honeyman 1959-1968. The foresight and involvement of members of our local congregation to help establish and maintain the Brethren’s Home has stood well the test of time, providing a safe and secure environment for a large number of the members of the Potsdam Church of the Brethren in their twilight years.

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