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Ohio Archæological and Historical Society
Publications, Volume XX

Ohio Archæological and Historical Society Publications, Volume XX [1911], Page 471 [Click for larger image]Page 471

THE ICE AGE IN NORTH AMERICA. The Bibliotheca Sacra Company, Oberlin, Ohio, has recently issued a fifth and revised edition of " The Ice Age in North America, and Its Bearings Upon the Antiquity of Man." The author is Professor G. Frederick Wright, President of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society. No writer could be better qualified for such a scholarly and informing work. Professor Wright has been a most conscientious and broad student of theology, and the language and literature of the Old and New Testaments. For some ten years he was professor in Oberlin College, on the harmony of science and religion. Professor Wright is also an accomplished scholar in geology and relative natural sciences. He was assistant on the Pennsylvania and United States Geological Surveys and is the author of several works of a geological character, bearing upon the formation of the earth's surface, not only in America but Europe and Asia, which countries he has visited at length in order to procure his material at first hand. Especially have his studies been directed to the American Continent and for this work, now reissued in enlarged and revised form, the author has given the ripest and best part of his life. When the first edition of this work was issued, in 1889, Professor Wright had been for fifteen years prominent in glacial investigations. He had published numerous articles in the scientific journals recounting his discoveries in New England, had traced the southern boundary of the glaciated region in America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River, and published the results in Vol. Z. of the Pennsylvania Reports, and in Tract No. 60, of the Western Reserve Historical Society of Cleveland, which had kept him in the field for three years. His delineation of the glaciated boundary east of the Mississippi is that found on all maps at the present time. Later he completed investigations in this area and published the results in Bulletin No. 58 of the U. S. Geological Survey. In 1886, the opportunity came for him to visit Alaska and make protracted observations on the Muir Glacier, which though beginning to be visited by tourists had not been subjected to scientific scrutiny, and it was four years before any other scientific investigations of the glacier were carried on. He was then invited to give a course of Lowell Institute Lectures in Boston upon the subject that is the title of this book. Thus it appears that Professor Wright was unusually prepared for his work, so that it was not strange that his book took rank at once as the standard publication on the subject. The first edition of 1,500 copies, though sold at $5.00 a copy, was disposed of during the first season. Since then three more editions have been called for and the demand was such that the author has felt justified in spending a large amount of time and money in bringing the treatise up to date in this fifth revised and enlarged edition. Speaking of the fifth and latest edition, the veteran geologist, Pro-

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