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Today, February 25, 2014, nearly a month after the release of this book to the Internet, the majority of it has been removed from public view.  This was denoted in the release wherein it was stated it would be available for a two-week period.  It was longer.

As of this date only the title page of each article within the book is available.  During the time of full access, the 504 pages were viewed 6,545 times indicating its value.

This will change when and if an individual or firm agrees to financially support the availability of the volume.  It would be beneficial also to sponsor the creation of a set of archive quality DVDs for depositing at the Ohio Historical Society.

You, the site visitor reading this, will please make note that one, and only one, of the article titles below has a description attached to it.  Please!, contribute to this site by creating descriptive synopsis text about the other articles.  It is only through the efforts of yourself and I that these old books can once again become the treasures that they truly are.

Notice:  An exorbitant amount of time has gone into this digital project, with it being funded by this writer.  So, this series of pages will be available to the general public from this date, January 28, 2014, for two weeks after which they will be available to members only.  Or to those who support the preservation efforts.

The articles for this volume, the 20th in the series, published in 1911, are as follows:

Front Cover

Title Page

Table of Contents

Prehistoric Earthworks in Wisconsin by Arlow Burdette Stout (1876-1957)

The Place of the Ohio Valley in American History by Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1932)

A Vanishing Race by Jennie C. ‘Chinn’ Morton (1838-1920)

Some Local History by Lucy Elliot Keeler (1864-1930)

Delaware in the Days of 1812 by Alice Hills (1885-1960)

Tarhe — The Crane by Basil Meek (1829-1922)

General Harmar's Expedition by Basil Meek (1829-1922)

Four Cycles: A Centennial Ode by May Lowe (1867-1929)

Editorialana by Emilius Oviatt Randall (1850-1919)

Jefferson's Ordinance of 1784

Rufus Putnam Memorial Association

William Henry Rice — In Memoriam

The Bunch of Grapes Tavern

General Roeliff Brinkerhoff

Site of Fort Gower

The Ice Age in North America

The Wilderness Trail

A Buckeye Boyhood

Poems in Ohio

Logan — The Mingo Chief, 1710-1780 courtesy Reuben Gold Thwaites (1853-1913)

The Kendal Community by Wendall P. Fox (1854-1917)

The Ohio River by Archer Butler Hulbert (1874-1933)

Birthplace of Little Turtle by Calvin M. Young (1851-1918)

Recollections of Newark, Ohio by Isaac Smucker (1807-1894)

A Visit to Fort Ancient by Felix J. Koch (1882-1933)

Pipe's Cliff by Abraham J. Baughman (1837-1913)

The Cincinnati Municipal Election of 1828 by Mary Baker Furness (1867-1930)

Oberlin's Part in the Slavery Conflict by Wilbur Greeley Burroughs (1886-1974)

Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Ohio State Archæological and Historical Society, May 31, 1911

Discusses the activities of the Society to the point wherein the Rutherford B. Hayes Memorial Library, now the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, was created by the deeding of its lands to the State of Ohio, with the Ohio Archæological & Historical Society as caretakers. This also involved Andrew Carnegie and a part of it was the funding for the building of the Society's building. (Contact for possible photo)

To Cincinnati by Edward Amzi M'Laughlin (1798-????)

A Prophecy by Return Jonathan Meigs (1764-1825)

General Roeliff Brinkerhoff

Celebration of the Surrender of General John H. Morgan by Major George W. Rue (1828-1911)

Early Steamboat Travel on the Ohio River by Leslie S. Henshaw (1888-1992)

That Old Log House Where Used to be Our Farm by D. Tod Gilliam (1844-1923)

William H. West by William Z. Davis (1839-1923)

The Battle of Lake Erie in Ballad and History by Charles Burleigh Galbreath (1858-1934)

Brady's Leap by Emilius Oviatt Randall (1850-1919)

Index to Volume XX


Map of Wisconsin, Showing Mound Distribution

Map of Aztalan Earthworks, (Wisconsin)

Diagram of Wisconsin Enclosures

Series of Conical Mounds at Aztalan, Wisconsin

Conical Mounds at Lake Koshkonong and in Sauk County, Wisconsin

Conical Mound in Cutler Park, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Koshkonong and Gen. Atkinson Groups of Mounds, Lake Koshkonong,

Noe Springs Group of Mounds, Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin

Kumlein Group of Mounds near Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin

Platform Mound in Trempealean County, Wisconsin

Diagrams of Panther, Mink, etc., Effigy Mounds, Wisconsin

Diagrams of Squirrel and Other Effigy Mounds, Wisconsin

Diagrams of Bear Effigy Mounds, Wisconsin

Diagrams of Deer Mounds, Wisconsin

Diagrams of Bird Mounds, Wisconsin

Diagram of Lower Dells Group of Bird Mounds in Sauk Co., Wis.

Diagrams of Turtle and Frog Mounds at Lake Koshkonong, Wis.

Diagram of Man Mound near Baraboo and Ft. Atkinson Intaglio,

Photograph of Ft. Atkinson Intaglio, Wisconsin

Combinations of Mounds, Wisconsin

Photograph of Linear Mound at Lake Waubesa, Wisconsin

Photographs of Corn Fields, Carroll College at Waukesha, Wis.

Photograph of Garden Beds near Stockbridge, Calumet Co., Wis.

Diagram of General Harmar's Order of March

Diagram of Harmar's Order of Encampment

View of Scioto River and Diagram of Mound Builders' Circle

Indian Scout and Pickaway Plains with Indian Settlements

City of Circleville With Court House in Center

Main Street, Circleville

William Henry Rice

Roeliff Brinkerhoff

Major George W. Rue

General John H. Morgan

Morgan Surrender Monument

William H. West

Perry Leaving the Lawrence for the Niagara

Mouth of Cascade Creek, Where Perry's Fleet was Built

Perry's Battle Flag

Put-in-Bay — Smoke of Battle in Distance

Oliver Hazard Perry

The Perry Medal

Jesse Duncan Eiliott

Perry Monument, Cleveland, Ohio

Brady's Leap — Draper MSS. Map

Scene of Brady's Leap


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