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Some Who Led — Or — Fathers in
the Church of the Brethren Who Have Passed Over

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lect it is buried beyond recovery. We should never be content until we know it as fully as research and study make it possible for it to be known. I have long been convinced that there is much yet to be learned and recorded. Biography is history teaching by example. At the heart of a great cause is ever the heart of a great man. To know the cause one must know its central spirit. To the student these are the concrete expressions of great movements. Just as one finds back of all this wide, wonderful, beautiful world the personal God who made it and directs it, so one finds back of great religious move ments virile leaders whose thoughts and acts are the best explanation of the transforming power of the cause they espoused. In the Church of the Brethren it is peculiary true that we had great leaders—men whose towering leadership is of commanding influence to the day. That God should have given us leaders so great is cause for gratitude. That we shoudl known them not is cause for merited reproach. That their names and their deeds shold at last be concisely and carefully presented to us is cause for thankfulness. We cannot add to their glory. But we can profit by their high spiritual devotion. They do not need us, but forever we need them. Marshals of God, they were, and ours is the high privilege of following where the led. It is forunate that the record of their lives is here set forth by sympathetic and devoted follower of the same common Father. It is most fortunate that Brethren Miller and Royer should have been led of God to present these pioneer worthies to us before the dust of the centuries should have obliterated their footsteps forever. Thanks to our beloved brethren in the faith they loved and lived, we can once more commune with sainted souls whose lives are benedictions and whose deeds are sacred legacies. That the reader of this valuable treatise will know more fully the meaning of the faith of the church is certain. That he will become a stauncher and steadier soldier of the cross is inevitable. That he mae with increasing fervor and hunility follow the Master of us all is my ardent prayer. M.G. Brumbaugh.

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  • Comment Link Andrea Wise Kidd Colley Wednesday, 01 January 2014 11:09 posted by Andrea Wise Kidd Colley

    I am delighted to see this book being digitized for everyone to enjoy. Elder John Wise was my 3Xs great grandfather and I am proud to be his descendant. My aunt Marian Wise gave a copy of this book to me many years ago when she realized my interest in genealogy and I am so glad that others will be able to read of these great men.


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