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Some Who Led — Or — Fathers in
the Church of the Brethren Who Have Passed Over

Page 6 — Some Who Led [Click for larger image]Page 6

tory of the “Tunkers,” by Elder R. H. Holsinger, in the “Life of Elder James Quinter,” by Mary N. Quinter, and in the life of Elder R. H. Miller, by Elder Otho Wenger. To these authors and sources we acknowledge our indebtedness. To no one man does the church owe a greater debt of gratitude than is due Brother Abram H. Cassel for his efforts in collecting and preserving the records of the early church fathers. He saved from oblivion and gave us the records from which oru church historians draw their facts. We often hear the names of men who have acted well their part in life, and have departed, quoted in press and from pulpit and held up as examples worthy of imitation. It is our hope that such examples may here be found and held up as worthy of imitation, of high and noble lives that will incite others to make the best of their God–given opportunities in the world. D. L. Miller, Galen B. Royer.

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