Sketch… Northern Indiana, Preface

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A Brief Sketch of the Brethren Generally
Known as "Dunkards" of Northern Indiana

Preface — …Sketch… of the Brethren of Northern Indiana [Click for larger image] title=Preface

Preface. Upon reading some short sketches of several of the old pioneer brethrten about three years ago, I became interested in pioneer history. From that time to this I have embraced every opportunity to gather up incidents from which has been written this booklet. I hereby acknowledge indebtedness to Brethren David and Isaac Berkey, Daniel S. and Benjamin C. Cripe, John Weybright, John Arnold, Thurston Miller, David Evans, Daniel Whitmer, A. I. Mow, Eli Roose, George Zollers, William Leatherman and others, and several old county atlases and histories for the information herein contained. At first I had no thought of publishing a work of this kind, but gathered the information for an essay or two, to be read in literary society while in school. But as the work developed, several of my friends urged me to publish it in booklet form, thinking that the historical facts contained, would be appreciated by the Brethren and friends. Therefore I do not claim the responsibility for the appearance of this work. Properly a sketch of the northern district of Indiana ought to contain a short history of each congregation; while in this, many are not even mentioned. I tried to notice, in a general way every step of progress. And as several churches have always been in the lead, much of the contents of this work clusters around them. It is not what I should like to have produced but under the circimstances it is the best I can do, and as such, I submit it for what it is worth. Owen Opperman.

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