A History of the Brethren in Texas and Oklahoma

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Compiled by Eld. James Henry Morris (1876-1956) the book A History of the Brethren in Texas and Oklahoma with the alternate title, Thirty-One Years of Organized Work in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana by Church of the Brethren from 1891 to 1922, this book represents the first published history of the church, previously well-known as the German Baptist Brethren church, covering this region of the United States.  The book was printed by the Higley Printing Company of Butler, Indiana.

The 542 page book, including the covers and blank pages, is a misnomer as to actually being a history.  In the main the book is a series of newspaper clippings culled from The Gospel Messenger  with a sampling of chiefly anecdotal historical content from other sources.  While treasured amongst Brethren historians it is, to be blunt, poorly written from a historical standpoint.  Through out the book the author will relate a series of events for a congregation or region, ending it with a name, a place, and a date.  It may be three or four, or more, paragraphs.  That's well and good.

However, when that actual article is examined in The Gospel Messenger  containing the author, the location where the article was written, and the date of the communique, problems arise.  In essence Elder Morris heavily editorialized the articles; taking a series of articles as published in The Gospel Messenger, sometimes as much as a year previously, combining them together.  At times he omitted significant details from one clipping while entirely missing other items appertaining to the same congregation or event.  And this does not include the hundreds upon hundred of spelling errors. 

So... it is left to the serious German Baptist Brethren researcher of this region to further research statements therein made.

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