History – Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana, Preface page 5

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Thirty-One Years of Organized Work in Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana by
Church of the Brethren from 1891 to 1922

Preface page 5 — History: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana [Click for larger image] title=Preface page 5

PREFACE The old state of Texas and her young sister Oklahoma, which has been made up of Oklahoma and Indian Territory, are interesting from political, economic, social and religious standpoints. In order to fully understand them religiously we must know somewhat of their political struggles. This can be learned from some good history—such as Pennypackers of Texas and of Oklahoma. Also the historical societies of the different states help to furnish us information. In these political struggles one runs across the troubles with the Indians as well as those with the Mexicans. The Mexican war is a subject of vital interest to every Texan of any his torical desires. How they fought, lost and finally won, thrills every patriotic heart. In the economic and social history one runs across the early struggles for food and clothing; the social customs; the recreation problem; the relation of the races, Indians, Mexicans, Whites, Negroes, etc. The life of the "Squaw men" has a peculiar interest all its own, in the social make-up of the country. In the religious history we meet with many types of religious experiences, the cold formal type in which no feeling whatever enters only do certain things out of duty or compulsion and you are on the road to Heaven; the conscientious living and enjoying the results as well as the doing of right things, living in constant communion with God, and in fel-

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