History – Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana, Title page

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Thirty-One Years of Organized Work in Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana by
Church of the Brethren from 1891 to 1922

Title page — History: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana [Click for larger image] title=Title page

THIRTY-ONE YEARS OF ORGANIZED WORK IN Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico And Louisiana BY CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN from 1891 to 1922. JAMES H. MORRIS, Th. B., M. A. Editor-in-Chief. Associates from Okla., Panhandle of Tex. and N. Mex. Eunice Diller Eld. Wm. P. Bosserman. Associates from Texas and Louisiana. Samuel Molsbee. Eld. A. J. Wine. Eld. J. A. Miller, (Resigned) R. M. Harris, (Didn't respond to appointment.) The Higley Printing Co. Printers Butler, Indiana.

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