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Publications, Volume XX

Ohio Archæological and Historical Society Publications, Volume XX [1911], Page 176 [Click for larger image]Page 176

THE KENDAL COMMUNITY. WENDALL P. FOX, MASSILLON. [The following article concerning the "Kendal Community" was secured for publication through the courtesy of Mr. Wendall P. Fox of Massillon, Ohio. Mr. Fox in an explanatory letter to the Editor makes the statement a portion of which we use as a preface to the article itself. — E. O. R.] PREFACE. According to the "History; of Stark County" the first settlers came to Perry township in the summer of 1806. Perry township included the territory occupied by the city of Massillon and the old village of Kendal is included within the present corporate limits of the city. The township of Perry was created in 1813. The inhabitants of the township were directed by the commissioners to meet at the house of Samuel Patton, in Kendal, on the last Saturday of February, 1814, to elect township officers. From this it may be seen that the village of Kendal was in existence before Perry township was organized. From the source mentioned above we learn that the first religious society organized west of Canton in Stark County was the "The Kendal Preparative .Meeting of the Society of Friends" their Monthly Meeting being at Marl-Borough, Quarterly Meeting at Salem, and the Yearly Meeting being held at Mount Pleasant, Jefferson County. It is supposed that all these organizations existed as early as 1813. The principal members of Kendal Preparative Meeting were Isaac Bowman, Richard Williams, Zaccheus Stanton, Charles Coffin, Thomas Rotch, Mayhew Folger, Joseph Hobson, Jonathan Michener, Matthew Macy, Thomas Coffin, Micajah Macy, and others, all of whom with a single exception, were heads of families. About the year 1825 Kendal was visited by two men, Paul Brown and Josiah Warren, who were both disciples of Robert Owen the founder of a socialistic Com-

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