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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 12:59

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If you arrived at this page via a Rootsweb mailing list posting then the material below is the same as in the posting to the mailing list. In that case, click on the button. However, if you discovered this blog entry, then please read the content below.

This particular blog entry is about an item not normally covered by the mailing lists I am involved in. My interests lying primarily with the German Baptist Brethren and Montgomery county, Ohio, and this book being about Ohio history, it may or may not be of interest to others.

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However, the item of mention, Ohio Archaeological & Historical Society Publications: Volume XX, 1911, covers so many topics involving the State of Ohio, I thought it prudent to post this notice to as many mailing lists as it might be of interest to.  At the list moderator's discretion they can either pass this e-mail to their list members or not.  Best I can offer to the list moderators is to follow the series of links in this blog entry and ascertain for themselves whether to pass it along or not.

The book is one out of my collection which I have faithfully digitized, preparing it's contents for the Internet.  The first above linked page (green button) will explain the process, and the Volume XX green button / link near the bottom of the linked page will lead to the actual book.  It is unfortunate that in this e-mail I cannot adequately give a full synopsis of the contents.  Therefore below you will see a simplistic Table of Contents of the book.  Each entry will denote counties which are mentioned in that item.  There is also a substantial number of articles of interest for those keen on Native American history.

  • Prehistoric Earthworks in Wisconsin (Native American)
  • The Place of the Ohio Valley in America
  • A Vanishing Race (Native American)
  • Some Local History (Sandusky Co.)
  • Delaware in the Days of 1812 (Delaware Co.)
  • Tarhe — The Crane (Native American)
  • General Harmar's Expedition (Native American)
  • Site of Fort Gower (Athens Co.)
  • Logan — The Mingo Chief, 1710-1780 (Native American)
  • The Kendal Community (Stark Co.)
  • Birthplace of Little Turtle (Native American)
  • Recollections of Newark (Licking Co.)
  • Fort Ancient (Warren Co.)
  • Pipe's Cliff (Richland Co.)
  • The Cincinnati Municipal Election of 1828 (Hamilton Co.)
  • Oberlin's Part in the Slavery Conflict (Lorain Co.)
  • 26th Annual Meeting of Ohio Arch. & Hist. Soc. (mentions in detail establishment of Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center)
  • To Cincinnati (Hamilton Co.)
  • Celebration of the Surrender of General John H. Morgan (Columbiana Co.)
  • The Battle of Lake Erie in Ballad and History (Ottawa Co.)
  • Brady's Leap (Portage Co.)

There are other articles covering unusual topics, such as travel on the Ohio River, poetry, Ohio memorabilia by noted Ohio personages, etc., too difficult to describe.  There is a lot of history covered in this one single volume.  Who knows?, I may not even have the correct Rootsweb list e-mail addresses, not wanting to subscribe to so many mailing lists to get the proper addresses.

So, without further ado click on the button above if you wish to view "Ohio Archaeological & Historical Society Publications: Volume XX".  Or at least the lead in to it.  The link will take you to the blog entry which will then lead you to an article about the digital archiving of the volume about Ohio, and then to the actual book itself.

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A. Wayne Webb

A long time historian of the German Baptist Brethren church, and its more modern derivative bodies, Mr. Webb has moved on to become a recognized authority in digitally archiving manuscripts, both published works as well as singular documents.  He served as the Editor of Brethren Roots, 2002 to 2008, as published by The Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists.  To that end he has created and maintains a series of Internet web sites devoted to his passion, German Baptist Brethren history.