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Hello Wayne:

There was land deeded to Samuel Boltin too by Jacob Miller.  Have spent time with Elder Gale Honeyman at the Brethren Center. &nbspAs you were correct about my connection to my 5th great grandfather Samuel Boltin, the Englisher. Am still searching.


Notice that in my writings I have never referred to Samuel Bolton, alias Boltin, as anything other than as Bro. Bolton. Never have I referred to him as an Elder of the church. Why you may ask? Because nothing has ever surfaced indicating he was. While it my be possible; we know that one "Englisher" preacher associated with Elder Miller, William Smith, did become an elder of the church, this most likely did not occur 'til Bro. Smith moved to Indiana.

As for Gale, he is not an elder in the church. An Elder Statesman for Brethren history, assuredly so. But not of the church. As for the land transaction you are referring to, where do you think Gale learned of it? Think real, real hard now.

It took me nearly a year of lovingly beating Gale about the head and shoulders for him to slowly come to the realization that Samuel Bolton was a minister in the church. He was relying too much on the Southern District of Ohio Church of the Brethren history of the 1920s, which never mentions Samuel Bolton. And this was on purpose by the editors of that work. I make that comment because in the same section wherein it discussed Elder Jacob Miller it also discusses Samuel Bolton. In short, it was a conscious decision decided upon by the editors that since Samuel was an "Englisher" he did not figure into the much vaunted picture being painted of Elder Miller and the early church.

It was only once Gale started actively looking that he found references to Samuel Bolton in other Brethren works. He was listed in those other works clearly as having been a minister of the church in Montgomery county, Ohio. There are still some in Brethren circles of today that take affront to my findings. I am not creating history, I am rediscovering history that has been lost. Much as my present research concerning Elder Daniel Miller. No one ever knew that he had been a minister at the Lower Miami congregation. Now they do.

Thank you for your comment. And please, next time make only one comment, not four as you inadvertently did. This creates extra work for me in the back end of my program.