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Some data indicates that John Miller and Susannah Studebaker may have had a son named Daniel. I am trying to find info on a Daniel Miller that was the father of an Elizabeth Miller b. Oct 12, 1814 in PA & died 10-21-1907 in Springfield Twp. Allen Co., IN. According to Elizabeth's death cert. her father was a Daniel Miller, mother unk. Now this Elizabeth Miller married William Brown. The William Brown was born in Montgomery Co., OH. His family come to Allen Co.,OH. The Miller family of Susannah Studebaker -were in the general area of Allen Co., - which thens to indicate Elizabeth Miller Brown's father Daniel Miller - just might be part of John & Susannah Millers family.

Any data that might help clarify this is very much welcome.

Morning Ty, I have been down with the flu as well as spending some extended time with the wife which should explain the delay in responding.  Also, I have to confirm a comment posting before it becomes available.  This is part of my spam elimination program.

The Miller families of my blog entry were by and large in Montgomery county, Ohio, by 1814.  Definitely John & Susannah 'Studebaker' Miller were.  And yes, the 1830 census for David and Abraham Miller in Allen county, Indiana, is two of their sons.  They did not have a son named Daniel as evidenced by numerous estate records in my personal collection.

You never stated in your e-mail to me whether you knew who William Brown's parents were.  In my tax records for Montgomery county, Ohio (1827, '30), there is a Samuel Brown who owned land and had live stock.  There is no William listed.  My records were scanned personally by myself and reproduced in book form — not abstracted.

IF, and I emphasis that IF, William (1808-1887) was indeed born in Montgomery county, Ohio, then it is possible that I know who his father was.  I am aware of a William Brown who was titularly Brethren.  Unfortunately, there are no extant estate records for him.