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Discussion #2

This blog entry shall deal with finalizing, almost, the lands of Elder Daniel Miller (1755-1822).  Elder Daniel owned land that today lies along the Upper Bear Creek Road of Miami township, Montgomery county, Ohio.  When he owned it, and prior to that, the land was owned by Elder Jacob Miller (ca. 1838-1815).  Normally to plat land it is fairly easy to transcribe a single deed and overlay that onto high-quality scans of the Montgomery County, Ohio Atlas of 1875.  In this instance it is difficult as that particular section, in 1875 versus the early 18th Century, had been cut up into differing tracts.  In other words, it was not easily done because of intervening deeds.  To rectify this it fell upon me to pull all the deeds, at least those that were recorded for this section, which led to some discoveries.

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  • The History… of the Potsdam Congregation, Page 7

    The History of the Potsdam Congregation
    of the Church of the Brethren

    Page 7— The History… of the Potsdam Congregation [Click for larger image] title=Page 7

    Approximately 100 were in the basement where the public system brought them the procedure of the program. It was a thrilling experience for the Potsdam pastor, Rev. L. John Weaver, and the congregation to have so many interested people attend the service. For 15 minutes immediately preceding the program, Shirley Nies and Jean Besecker, a musical duet, entertained with vibraharp and piano. The call to worship was participated in by the minister and the people, preceding the invocation by Rev. Wm. Hygema, pastor of the United Missionary church. Special musical numbers were presented during the program by the ladies octet and by Bernis Cassell, soloist. Congregational singing was also inspiring. The scripture lesson was read and prayer invoked by Elder Philip H. Lauver. Rev. Moyne Landis, district executive secretary, extended greetings from the Southern Ohio district. A historical sketch was prepared and read by Harry Delk, chairman of the building committee. The keys were accepted by Roy Landis, chairman of the board of trustees. The audience was delighted to hear Rev. Robert E. Richards of Long Beach, Calif., as he delivered a most impressive dedicatory sermon. It was a masterpiece which all appreciated. The Litany of Dedication was led by the pastor, Rev. L. John Weaver and participated in responsively by the audience. The dedication offering, the prayer of dedication and the hymn of dedication immediately preceded the benediction by Rev. Harley Brown of the Potsdam EUB church. The building committee was composed of Harry Delk, chairman; Harold Ditmer, vice-chairman and treasurer; Harris Shanck, secretary; Carl Arnett, Frank Dearth, Emerson Ditmer, Emerson Swank and Wilbur Bright. The latter two named served until Oct. 1, 1955. Ralph E. Reck was the general contractor; Kessler Plumbing Co. were plumbing and heating contractors; P.O. Sprout, electrician; Chas. B. Krug, painting; and Harold Ditmer, parking lot improvements. In presenting the keys Sunday, Chairman Delk said: “We enjoy today a beautiful house of worship. Let us be diligent in seeking that it is cared for, by all in a way fitting to the house of God and preserved for those who follow after us.” West Milton Record, March 21, 1956 Sunday School Joseph Ruble organized the church’s first Sunday-school in 1889, serving as both superintendent and teacher until his death in 1917. During its beginning

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  • The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 2 (Oct., 1904), page 134

    The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

    The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 2 (Oct., 1904), page 134 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XII, No. 2 (Oct., 1904), page 134

    MORAVIAN DIARIES OF TRAVELS THROUGH VIRGINIA. Edited by Rev. WILLIAM J. HINKE and CHARLES E. KEMPER. (CONTINUED) DIARY OF THE JOURNEY OF THE FIRST COLONY OF SINGLE BRETHREN TO NORTIH CAROLINA, OCTOBER 8-NOVEMBER 17, 1753.1 After having been commissioned by the congregation in the evening, and having been blessed by our dear brethren, and finally having partaken of the cup of thanksgiving, we prepared, on October 8, 1753, for our departure. Our dear Christian Seidel conducted the morning worship. The brethren who departed from Bethlehem were: Grube, Jacob Loesch, Petersen, Lunge, Herman Loesch, Feldhausen, Erich Ingepretzen, Merkli, Pfeil, Beroth, Lischer, Kalberland and Joseph Haberland, the last intending to accompany us to the Susquehanna. Our dear Gottlob Hoffmann, Eberhard and several others accompanied us for several miles. Having taken an affectionate farewell of them, we went our way happy and rejoicing in the grace of our dear Saviour. Our dear Gottlob [Koenigsderfer] and Nathanael [Seidel] followed us a few hours later.3 In the eve- 1 The editors are under special obligation to the Rev. J. H. Clewell, Ph.D., the courteous archivist of the Moravian congregation at Salem, N. C., who most kindly placed the original diary at their disposal. The original German MS covers 48 closely written, small quarto pages. The translation is but a slight abridgment of the original, only unimportant sentences being omitted. The conclusion of the diary, extending from November 18-21, 1753, was also omitted. 2 The following is the list of Moravian brethren who located in Wachovia and founded the village of Bethabara, together with brief notes on each person. It is taken from the History of Wachovia in North Carolina, by John Henry Clewell, pp. 13 and 14. (1). Rev. Bernhard Adam Grube, born in Germany, age 37 years, the first minister. (2). Jacob Loesch, born in New York, age 31 years, the warden.

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  • Claar Congregation, Title page

    A Brief History of Claar Congregation

    Page Title page — Claar Congregation [Click for larger image]Title page

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF CLAAR CONGREGATION BY REV. DAVID M. ADAMS Pastor of the G. B. Brethren Church, Klahr, PA., Author of “Sabbatarianism Weighed and Found Wanting” Press of Holzapfel Publishing Company, Cleona, Lebanon Co., Pa.,

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