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Discussion #2

This blog entry shall deal with finalizing, almost, the lands of Elder Daniel Miller (1755-1822).  Elder Daniel owned land that today lies along the Upper Bear Creek Road of Miami township, Montgomery county, Ohio.  When he owned it, and prior to that, the land was owned by Elder Jacob Miller (ca. 1838-1815).  Normally to plat land it is fairly easy to transcribe a single deed and overlay that onto high-quality scans of the Montgomery County, Ohio Atlas of 1875.  In this instance it is difficult as that particular section, in 1875 versus the early 18th Century, had been cut up into differing tracts.  In other words, it was not easily done because of intervening deeds.  To rectify this it fell upon me to pull all the deeds, at least those that were recorded for this section, which led to some discoveries.

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Discussion #1

Today’s blog, the first in a series that will hopefully be an on-going explanation of what I am presently working on, is about the various Brethren Miller families who were early settlers of Montgomery county, Ohio.  The opening section below is some comments about the Miller families of note, followed by what I am working on at this time.  In essence there are three Miller families that interest me, and I am not even remotely related to any of them, so, to that end, here goes.

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  • History – Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana, page 10

    Thirty-One Years of Organized Work in Oklahoma,
    Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana by
    Church of the Brethren from 1891 to 1922

    page 10 — History: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico & Louisiana [Click for larger image] title=page 10

    in a place of punishment, just because he wasn't immersed? With the above and a thousand other, things in mind, a person can go forth into these districts to do Church work. If he is many-sided enough to adjust himself to the energetic restless northerner and the fixed satisfied southerner, he can do a good work in parts of the South. In settlements of the restless type, churches have been built up in a short time and disappeared with the same rapidity. In the communities of the opposite type, it is more difficult to build up a church but it usually lasts better and longer. The histories of the Churches will reveal some of these communities as you read them. With a desire to make a record of some of these things, we asked for a committee of helpers and the Districts responded by giving us helpers or telling us to select those that could help. The appointees from Texas were Samuel Molsbee, A. J. Wine, R. M. Harris and J. A. Miller. Those from Oklahoma were Eunice Diller, W. P. Bosserman and J. H. Morris. At our first meeting at Nocona, Brother Miller asked to be relieved. Since Brother Harris was not present at that meeting and has never been in touch with the work of the committee, the work for Texas has fallen to Brethren Wine and Molsbee and that in Oklahoma to Sister Diller and Bro. Bosserman besides the editor. We also acknowledge the efficient service of Elsie Dodd and Grace Brunk as helpers with the typewriter in getting the material ready lor the printer. Besides the help rendered by the members of the committee, it was necessary to have responses from

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  • The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 3 (Jan., 1904), page 232

    The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

    The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 3 (Jan., 1904), page 232 [Click for larger image]The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XI, No. 3 (Jan., 1904), page 232

    The others are all Irish and English. Among them Mr. Thompson* lives. They have several churches. VIII. THE LITTLE FORK OF THE RIPPEHANNING [RAPPAHANNOCK.] It is situated about twenty-two miles from the Great Fork towards the "Potomik."† Twelve families of the Siegen district, being of the Reformed religion, live there close together. They are very fine, neighborly and friendly people, who love each other in their manner, and live together very peacefully. The brother of our Matthew Hoffman,‡ John Henry Hoffman, also lives there, and I lodged with him. They built a small, neat and suitable church, and engaged one of their number, John Jung, to be the "Reader" in the church, who conducts services for them every Sunday. They cannot daughter of Hermanus Otterbach and EIIsbeth Heimbach, his wife. The latter were married at Siegen on August 11, 1685. John Kemper, the immigrant, was the son of John George Kemper, an Elder of the German Reformed Church at Muesen, born January 4, 1663, died October 3, 1731, and Agnes Kleb, his wife, and grandson of Johann Kemper, born about 1635, and died December 6, 1670, and Anna Low, his wife. The names and dates of births, marriages and deaths, relating to John Kemper, were secured from the records of the German Reformed churches of Muesen and Siegen, by Mr. Willis M. Kemper, of Cincinnati, Ohio, whose researches in reference to Germanna have been exhaustive. * This is Rev. John Thompson, from 1740-1772 pastor of the Episcopal parish of St. Mark. On November 9, 1742, he married the widow of Governor Spotswood. See Bishop Meade's Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia, Vol. II, p. 79. During his ministry the parish had three chapels—one at Germanna, the second in the Little Fork, and the third at the South West Mountain.† This was a branch of the Germantown settlement, which will be discussed in a succeeding note. By stating that these people came (rom the Siegen district (meaning Nassau-Siegen, Germany), the missionary removes all doubts as to the origin of the Germanna colonists, and disposes of many erroneous conjectures concerning them. John Henry Hoffman, here mentioned, was one of the original settlers of Germantown. ‡ See Reincke, Register of Moravians, p. 84.

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  • The History… of the Potsdam Congregation, Page 4

    The History of the Potsdam Congregation
    of the Church of the Brethren

    Page 4— The History… of the Potsdam Congregation [Click for larger image] title=Page 4

    Isaac Ditmer 1862-1937 Lovina [Cunning] Ditmer 1859-1937 Irene [Bridenbaugh] Ditmer 1888-1961 John Henry Ditmer 1851-1930 Susanna [Steffey] Ditmer 1853-1930 Michael Ditmer 1856-1927 Rollin Ditmer 1883-1960 Jennie [Christian]Eikenberry 1887-1974 Josiah Eikenberry 1886-1967 Mina [Waitman] Eikenberry 1884-1959 Dale Fourman 1908-1965 Fanny [Christian] Fourman 1888-1976 Galen Fourman 1910-1982 Phares Fourman 1887-1967 Gladys [Hoke] Furlong 1903-1885 Anna Galbreath Ethel [Miller] Ganger 1886-1966 John Henry Ganger 1869-1955 Leonard Ganger 1908-1982 Zora [Delk] McCowenGanger 1884-1936 Lilly [Black] Green 1880-1963 Alice [Nease] Hall 1888-1975 Amos Hall 1864-1958 Elizabeth [Ditmer] Hall 1867-1927 Esther [Baker] Hall 1908-2002 Oscar Hall 1896-1983 Perry Hall 1864-1957 Samuel Hall 1883-1959 Estella [Miller] Hall 1900-1969 Susie [Clement] Hall 1868-1948 John Heckman 1864-1940 Lulu [Miller] Heckman 1910-2000 Mary [Ganger] Heckman 1877-1953 Emma [Miller] Heisey 1882-1944 Lester Heisey 1881-1950 Forest Henderson 1912-2004 Harold Henderson 1910-1975 Homer Henderson 1904-1993 Velma [Schenk] Hepner 1908-1994 Arthur Hess 1855-1929 Caroline [Cornor] Hess 1855-1925 Charles Hissong 1872-1954 Sadie [Hall] Hissong 1885-1973 Lovina [Miller] Hoffman 1908-1971 David E. Hoke 1870-1939 David C. Hoke 1909-1984 Edna Hoke 1899-1947 Lina [Dohner] Hoke 1872-1954 Dorothy [Myers] Honeyman 1905-1990 Lola [Longanecker] Henderson Honeyman 1883-1967 Ruth [Miller] Hypes 1914-1993 Charles Isenbarger 1866-1941 Dora [Falknor] Isenbarger 1868-1955 Andrew Jackson Johnston 1872-1943 Audrey [Bowman] Johnston 1896-1968 Arrabell [Norris] Johnston 1879-1960 Edward Johnston 1893-1984 Elgar Johnston 1906-1959 Ella [Kress] Johnston 1867-1953 John H. Johnston 1868-1937 Treva Johnston 1903-1995 Mary [Hoke] Kauffman 1904-1973 Emma [Wolfe] WestermanKress 1881-1962 William Kress 1870-1949 Alice [Besecker] Kunkleman 1909-1997 Nancy [Timmons] CarsonLambert 1852-1929 Levi Litten 1864-1927 Rosetta [Netzley] Litten 1865-1932 Davis Longanecker 1857-1946 Lydia [Isenbarger]Longanecker 1857-1931 Anna [Puterbaugh]McGillvary 1901-1984 Treva Marshall c1901- Curtis Miller 1903-2001 David Miller 1906-1992 Elizabeth [Gordon] Miller 1858-1943 Harley Miller 1880-1958 Isaac Miller 1868-1931 John Miller 1844-1925 Martha [Stager] Miller 1880-1962 Sarah [Falknor] Miller 1844-1929 Calvin Minnich 1880-1947

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